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Welcome to UK Ltd Web Ring

This page is under construction be sure to check back soon

provides the tools you need to link in a ring of SME UK private limited web sites, i.e. a system of links between web sites of a similar topic, content, or interest.

Rings hosted at

For UK private LTD webmasters to join their site. Please do. Let's link up.

Site admin
For webmasters to edit their site info and get their customized HTML code. In the drop down option be sure to sellect UKLTD.

UK LTD Web Ring homepage

Forthcoming info for UK LTD Web Ring surfers, members and prospective members may include:

  • Topic/purpose of the webring.
  • Intro to the webring concept. Won't take for granted that visitors know anything about webrings.
  • Requirements for joining - and staying in - the ring.
  • Instructions how to join. Those may include rules for the placement of the navigation panel and how to download possible image(s) (if necessary).
  • Terms of Service.
  • Info how to contact the ringmaster (link below).

If you have questions, please contact the .

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